Someone who:

  • Loves God, but wants to know him more.
  • Loves family and friends
  • Loves guitars
  • Loves music – give me a shout out if you have cool music for me to listen to! (No techno or metal though)
  • Hasn’t held the tennis racket in ages..anyone wanna play with me?But I kinda suck now…haha
  • Is currently searching for the right career to pursue
  • Is a proud ex MGS-ian (Ipoh)-5S1 yeah!
  • Has two modes – introvert and extrovert, and can be switched on and off whenever I please.
  • Is trying to be a little more girlish
  • Is lazy to do important stuff, but hardworking to do the unimportant ones
  • Likes to read
  • Doesn’t really like loud parties
  • Thinks the world should be equal (say no to discrimination!-Yes we can!)
  • Is currently studying in Australia.
  • Thinks Ipoh food rocks harder than Penang (Penangnites don’t kill me!)
  • Loves to suan people she loves.
  • Thinks she’s cool but actually is not.
  • Believes if God is on our side, who can be against us?

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